23/05/24 - Thursday
Good girl in need of daddys help 30

Hey gentleman! So I amlooking for a some one who is looking for a little helper. Some one who would benefit from having an extra hand to help them and needs some one who actually does what they are suppose to do with out argument lol.I am a good listener and I am wanting to learn some new traits. (Handyman services or even concrete and tree trimming, Siding or what ever is available) Ihave had some car troubles this past month and due to not having a reliable vehicle I have lost my job.I took my car to get fixed and was screwedover by the shop I took it too. They were suppose to have at least done a tune up and never even touched under my hood. So now bills are due and I'm worried I'm going to loose my place because I have spent my savingstrying to get my car fixed.Well now I have no vehicle and I can't keepa job because I don't have a way to always get there and I have been walking or riding a bike every where but the hotter it gets the more miserable it is to have to ride a bike all over the place once again and I am so tiredof not having a decent vehicle. Anyways my rent is due here in the next week and I am hoping some one is in need of some help and would be willing to help me by letting me come work for them and they would be willing to pick me up and drop me off.I'm desperate and I don't have family to help me an I am not looking for a free hand out. I will pay people back if they can help me. I don't want to be homeless again. An yes I have friendsbut I don't want to be a burden on their family lives. It would be a blessing if you could. Thanks.for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from some one!